Credit Union Times: Want Future Gen Y Entrepreneurs? Don’t Pitch Products: Consultant

Read about Carmen’s keynote at CU Business Group in this Credit Union Times article! If credit unions are eager to get younger members to join, particularly those that want to start their own businesses, don’t pitch them products or services. Carmen Voilleque, CEO and owner of Best Practices Media LLC, a Portland, Ore.-based consultancy firm,… [Continue Reading]

Tiny Living: It’s Evolutionary!

People are often amazed to learn that I live in a small condo in a downtown highrise with my family in Portland, OR. They just don’t see how a family can live in such a small space. I love to watch house hunting shows on HGTV (yes, I know they are often staged) and I… [Continue Reading]

Tell Your Story. My Tour of The Heathman Hotel

This month I had the opportunity to tour The Heathman Hotel in Portland, OR with General Manager Chris Erickson. The Heathman counts Conde Nast Readers Pick for 2013 World’s Best hotel as one of its many awards – quite a feat given it is a fairly small, local hotel without the big marketing budgets of… [Continue Reading]

400 PPM: It’s Not the Number, It’s the Trend

If you were paying attention last week you heard the alarms go off when the NOAA Observatory at Mauna Loa, Hawaii recorded the CO2 level in the atmosphere at 400 parts per million—the highest ever recorded. The good news is that you can stop with the cycling and recycling—the NOAA officials revised their May 9th… [Continue Reading]

Was Sherlock Holmes an Evolutionary?

A few years ago I bought a brand new, bright blue Mini Cooper.  As I was driving my new car home from Portland, I saw dozens of Mini’s everywhere. Once I had a connection to the Mini, my perception of the world changed to notice other Minis. Once you read Evolutionaries, the same thing will… [Continue Reading]

Evolutionary Women – The Next Generation

Since publishing Evolutionaries, I have been contacted by more women like the anonymous Chief Operations Officer we reference in the opening of the Chapter on Evolutionary Women looking for development toward CEO succession. I love this kind of one-on-one work, and the women I have met continue to renew my faith in the next generation… [Continue Reading]