A Story We’ve Been Telling A Lot Recently…

It’s “planning season” and that means leaders in companies across the country are locking themselves in small rooms together for two days to hash out plans for next year, budget implications, goals and priorities. The really ambitious organizations are will attempt to define a vision, mission and purpose to guide the strategy and planning, and… [Continue Reading]

400 PPM: It’s Not the Number, It’s the Trend

If you were paying attention last week you heard the alarms go off when the NOAA Observatory at Mauna Loa, Hawaii recorded the CO2 level in the atmosphere at 400 parts per million—the highest ever recorded. The good news is that you can stop with the cycling and recycling—the NOAA officials revised their May 9th… [Continue Reading]

Women in Leadership (and men too!) – Clarity, Influence & Fortune: Our conversation with executive coach Katie Kelley

Randy and Carmen have a special conversation today with Katie Kelly, a leadership coach at Legacy Builder Coaching. This is a brilliant conversation you’re not going to want to miss! Podcast Transcript Randy:  Welcome to the Evolutionaries podcast. I’m Randy Harrington. Carmen:  And I’m Carmen Voilliqué, and today we have a special guest, Katie Kelley…. [Continue Reading]

As Big As All Outdoors: Strategy in Oregon Travel

Listen in this week as Scott West from Travel Oregon talks about what it is like to Travel Oregon…. The Great Listening Tour. Scott, Randy, and Carmen discuss both the differences and the similarities of the communities throughout the State and they offer ideas about how Travel Oregon is trying to capture what they are working… [Continue Reading]

The Crabs in the Bucket: A Leadership Lesson

As much as I love my home state of Oregon, I am deeply connected to Hawaii. I grew up on Oahu and the spirit of the islands is still alive and well in my soul—though I am a mainland “Haole.” There is wisdom in the islands that comes from living close to nature and connecting… [Continue Reading]

Saving Oregon's Children

For 35 years, Oregon’s Legislative Assembly has championed the needs of Oregon’s children with a visionary commitment to knitting back together a fractured and fragmented service delivery system.  This commitment has evolved over the decades to include a myriad of agencies and state-funded non-profits dedicated to specific stages of the child development services continuum –… [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors: Does Southern Oregon Have Insurmountable Opportunity?

Listen is as Randy and Carmen discuss Randy’s upcoming trip to Southern Oregon to speak at the SOREDI conference on January 26 and the insurmountable opportunity that lies ahead of Southern Oregon.

Richard Lariviere: Sitting Duck A Classic Evolutionary Case Study

The sitting president of the University of Oregon saw something special in his campus and his community.  He was able to look at the university, not just for what it is today, but what it could be in the future. The potential of the campus is so amazing that it feels like an irresponsible waste… [Continue Reading]