It’s Not About You…

It seems easier during the holiday season to remember the all-important truth: It’s not about you. But while writing our book Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership we found that those leaders who adopt this frame of mind year around in their approach to leadership are much more capable of facilitating transformational change and accomplishing great things. As… [Continue Reading]

Values Matter: Especially in a Fire Fight

For US Navy SEALs, this was a classic operation. A dozen highly trained SEALs landing on the beach in southern Somalia and quietly infiltrating the compound of a known al Shabaab warlord name Ikrima. The operation was designed to capture Ikrima. Even with three other boats in support of the operation, the SEALs were heavily… [Continue Reading]

“I’m Behind in Leadership!”

My 6th grade daughter, Claire, told me last week that she was worried about school because she was “behind in Leadership.”  I asked, “What does that mean?”  She said that the teacher pulled all the 6th graders together to talk about their role this year in the classroom. She is in a 4th-6th grade class… [Continue Reading]

Positional Power Inhibits The Truth — And We Need The Truth

Carmen E. Voilleque & Randy Harrington, Phd Not many people have the courage to speak truth to power. Most of us find it easier to tell those in powerful positions exactly what they want to hear, whether it’s true or not.  The best managers and coaches understand that leadership is not just about vision—it’s about creating… [Continue Reading]

Why Teams Fall Apart

I am experiencing a flurry of issues from clients about teams. In the last year I have heard everything from teams that are underperforming to good people resigning, to leaders arguing over insignificant issues in an effort to derail projects and damage reputations. A few years ago Patrick Lencioni took the business world by storm… [Continue Reading]

Thank you for Your Service

Support for Veterans Needs to go farther I noticed the man in Army gear, desert pattern, his boots laced tight, midsized-rucksack on his back waiting at the airline gate. He stood still, waited, and stared out the window. While he waited at least three people approached him to say, “Thanks for your service.” He accepted… [Continue Reading]

The Courage to Lead Transformational Change

Perhaps the most important characteristic necessary to lead transformational change is courage. Without exception, each of the Evolutionary change agents we studied for our book Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership demonstrated great acts of courage during their careers. It’s easy to say, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” but it can be difficult to differentiate between courage and just… [Continue Reading]

Rethinking Innovation

I have fallen woefully behind in keeping up on the Harvard Business Review this year, but this month while flipping through it, one article on innovation caught my eye. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Does the world really need another article on innovation?” Yeah, yeah, I know that innovation is business’ hottest buzz word… [Continue Reading]