What if Staff Planned Staff Appreciation Day?

Some call it “Training Day”, some call it “Employee Day”, some call it “Staff Appreciation Day”. But whatever you call it, if you work in Human Resources or Training and Development you are likely familiar with the common concept of devoting one full day each year to staff appreciation day. Sometimes the focus is on… [Continue Reading]

Who’s to Blame for the Future?

An email chain from Randy & Carmen, February 2013…   From: Randy Harrington Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2013 12:16 PM To: Carmen Voilleque Subject: The Service Experience Greetings, I am working with a few MBA students who are seeking career advice. I am struck by how low they have set their goals. Most of them… [Continue Reading]

The Five Skill Sets that Ensure Employment

Listening to the news it would be easy to believe that there are no jobs to be had for new college graduates or returning veterans. Current statistics reveal a flat, lackluster job market—with no real changes anticipated in the near future. So, we ought just sit back and wait for something to happen… right? Wrong…. [Continue Reading]

There is No Dream Job

Our Greatest Fear Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to work with several college students. It’s not easy to be a college student. Oh, it’s not the classes that are hard – not really. It’s the pressure to choose a career, to find that perfect first job and “make something of yourself”… [Continue Reading]

The Role of Faith in Business: The Chick-fil-A Debate

I once had a teacher who started each year’s class by swinging his arms around swiftly (like a windmill).  He would say, “These are my arms, and I can swing them if I want to. I have that right. This is my body to do with as I choose, so I can swing my arms… [Continue Reading]

The Curse of New Employee Orientation

The first day at work for a new employee is a rare opportunity for both the employee and the company.  The employee is excited – happy to have a new job and ready to prove his or her worth. The company has a new person joining the team ready to learn all about the company’s… [Continue Reading]

CITE: Just What We Need, a New Acroynm

Dr. Geoff Gilmore, one of the leaders featured in our book Evolutionaries says, “There is a pervasive line of thought in management that people are supposed to leave their home life at home and their work life at work. No personal calls at work, and no work calls or talking about work at home. But… [Continue Reading]

A Nonfat Latte, a blueberry scone, and a small business loan…to go

There are a couple of premises that seem to ring true regardless of your political party affiliation: 1)      Job growth is key for economic recovery and development 2)      Small and middle sized business are the best job producers So it would make sense to spur small businesses right? You and I both know that we… [Continue Reading]