“I’m Behind in Leadership!”

My 6th grade daughter, Claire, told me last week that she was worried about school because she was “behind in Leadership.”  I asked, “What does that mean?”  She said that the teacher pulled all the 6th graders together to talk about their role this year in the classroom. She is in a 4th-6th grade class… [Continue Reading]

Evolutionaries Podcast Interview – Gina Fafard, Executive Director of Isaac School in New London, Connecticut

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Evolutionaries Podcast! This week, Randy and Carmen are interviewing Gina Fafard, the Executive Director of the Isaac School in New London, Connecticut. (Did you catch Carmen’s blog post this week on Education?) This is a very insightful discussion covering Evolutionaries, Education, the Business of Education, and what the… [Continue Reading]

Ole Miss MBA Quarterly – Women's Leadership Summit features 'Evolutionaries' co-author

Carmen also makes an appearance in this edition of the Ole Miss MBA Quarterly! Be sure to check it out. “Students participate in the MBA program at a critical time in life. For many students who have recently graduated from college, it is the period during which students determine their career paths. Carmen Voillequé, principal… [Continue Reading]

Ole Miss MBA Quarterly – Course Focuses on the Importance of Soft Skills

Check out the latest article featuring our very own Randy Harrington in the Ole Miss MBA Quarterly! “Combining his deep background in strategic planning, management and media communications with the latest social science, psychology and communication theory research, Randy Harrington taught a cutting-edge, real-world-oriented course titled MBA 601: Managerial Leadership and Communication over the August… [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors: What Will Change Everything?

Businesses are adapting to customer demands, and now Universities are too (synchronous to asynchronous transactions). In the last 10 months, universities are seeing a surge of online demand for education. For the first time, Universities are seeing more people sign up for online classes than traditional classes, even by those students living on campus! In some cases,… [Continue Reading]

The Legend of Yankun

Randy and I kicked off 2012 by coaching MBA students in the art and science of public speaking at Ole Miss in early January.  As I watched these amazing young people grow their skills in delivering compelling market-place “pitches”, informative business presentations and wrestling with real-world corporate ethical dilemmas, it became very clear that when… [Continue Reading]