Credit Union Times: Want Future Gen Y Entrepreneurs? Don’t Pitch Products: Consultant

Read about Carmen’s keynote at CU Business Group in this Credit Union Times article! If credit unions are eager to get younger members to join, particularly those that want to start their own businesses, don’t pitch them products or services. Carmen Voilleque, CEO and owner of Best Practices Media LLC, a Portland, Ore.-based consultancy firm,… [Continue Reading]

An Evolutionary Repo Man: Our Conversation With Jim Pennington

We’ve got a very special Evolutionary Conversation this week. Randy and Carmen are talking with Evolutionary Repo Man, Jim Pennington from Alabama Credit Union. Listen in to this very special interview — it might just change your perspective. Podcast Transcript (Music Background) Carmen: Welcome to Evolutionary’s Podcast. I’m Carmen Voillequé. Randy: I’m Randy Harrington. Carmen: And… [Continue Reading]

Evolutionaries Podcast Interview – Bruce Fafard, CEO of Scient FCU

Did you get a chance to read the inspiring blog Carmen wrote this week on the benefit of teams? (click here if you missed it) Continuing on the “teams” them this week, Randy and Carmen interview evolutionary CEO, Bruce Fafard of Scient Federal Credit Union. This is a not-to-be-missed edition of the Evolutionary Podcast. Enjoy!… [Continue Reading]

Simple, But Not Easy: The Story of GTE Financial’s Winning Culture

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen discuss how  GTE Financial is creating a great culture and producing outstanding results. If you want to try to change the culture of your organization, you have to change the language of your organization at all levels. GTE Financial was able to do it, and so can you…. [Continue Reading]

Evolutionary Teams Count When the Going Gets Tough

Randy and Carmen are privileged to work with a number of Evolutionary Teams across the country. Every once in a while, they have the opportunity to see an the true metal of an Evolutionary Team – recently they had that opportunity at Alabama Credit Union. As you’ll read below in this guest post by Kayce Bell, COO of… [Continue Reading]

Bank Transfer Day – Your Move!

Bank transfer day has been a long time coming. Sure, not all banks are bad news, but if you are looking for something more, something real, where should you take your business? A credit union, of course! Because let’s face it, for most of us, our money is a lot more than just business. It’s… [Continue Reading]

Joe Time

Joe Brancucci is the CEO of GTE Federal Credit Union in West central Florida. Joe is an Evolutionary…big time. Joe came to GTE from BECU Credit Union in Seattle, Washington. When he took over the leadership position two years ago, the credit union was ailing from a perfect storm of investment and lending missteps that… [Continue Reading]