It’s Not About You…

It seems easier during the holiday season to remember the all-important truth: It’s not about you. But while writing our book Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership we found that those leaders who adopt this frame of mind year around in their approach to leadership are much more capable of facilitating transformational change and accomplishing great things. As… [Continue Reading]

Happy Holidays from Randy & Carmen (or Why Randy Hates Christmas…)

A sincere Happy Holidays to everyone who follows us here on the Evolutionaries Podcast. Who do you identify more with….Randy or Carmen at this time of year? Podcast Transcript [Intro music: Jingle Bells] Randy:  Welcome to the Evolutionary’s Podcast. Ho Ho Ho! I’m Randy Harrington. Carmen:  Jingle bells, jingle bells! Randy:  (laughs) Carmen:  And I’m… [Continue Reading]

Evolutionary Teams Count When the Going Gets Tough

Randy and Carmen are privileged to work with a number of Evolutionary Teams across the country. Every once in a while, they have the opportunity to see an the true metal of an Evolutionary Team – recently they had that opportunity at Alabama Credit Union. As you’ll read below in this guest post by Kayce Bell, COO of… [Continue Reading]