Basta! (Enough Already! Things Randy and Carmen hate)

It’s Podcast Friday! And more importantly, the Basta Edition! Listen in this week to hear what Randy and Carmen are sick of and have had too much of. (And what they DON”T want for Christmas this year!)  Podcast Transcript Carmen:  Welcome to Evolutionaries Podcast, “The Basta Edition” Basta! And I’m Carmen Voilleque. Randy:  I’m Randy Harrington. Carmen:  And we just… [Continue Reading]

“I’m Behind In Leadership!”

Join Randy and Carmen this week as they discuss complexities of leadership through role play. It’s a series of conversations that will help you become a better leader – and a better employee. Podcast Transcript Randy:  (music playing) Welcome to the Evolutionary podcast, I’m Randy Harrington. Carmen:  And I’m Carmen Voilleque. Randy:  And today, Carmen,… [Continue Reading]

Interview With The Worst Board Member in America: Mr. Ivan O. Pinion

You’re in for a real treat today! Carmen Voilleque is interviewing the WORST BOARD MEMBER IN AMERICA, Mr. Ivan O. Pinion. Listen in to his unique take on how to be a successful Board Member. There is a lot of wisdom here — just be sure too look for the lesson! Podcast Transcript Carmen Voilleque: … [Continue Reading]

Who’s to Blame for the Future?

An email chain from Randy & Carmen, February 2013…   From: Randy Harrington Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2013 12:16 PM To: Carmen Voilleque Subject: The Service Experience Greetings, I am working with a few MBA students who are seeking career advice. I am struck by how low they have set their goals. Most of them… [Continue Reading]

The Crabs in the Bucket: A Leadership Lesson

As much as I love my home state of Oregon, I am deeply connected to Hawaii. I grew up on Oahu and the spirit of the islands is still alive and well in my soul—though I am a mainland “Haole.” There is wisdom in the islands that comes from living close to nature and connecting… [Continue Reading]