When Sounding Smart Trumps Doing Right

When it comes to successful change in business, Forbes recently advised that leaders should ask the question: “What is the outcome I want?”.  We struggle in our consulting business with the quandary of “sounding smart to win the client contract” versus “being truly consultative at the risk of losing the work”.  Business clients often ask… [Continue Reading]

The Newsroom: Why We Need Fiction to Tell The Truth

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen discuss how fiction can help us to uncover proufound truths within our society and our business culture.

The Happiness Factor: A Special Interview with Chris Cook of Capiche

Welcome back Randy and Carmen! Listen in this week as they discuss “The Happiness Factor” with Chris Cook of Capiche. It turns out that we can create a happiness culture at work. What companies do you know that are happy? We want to hear about them, please share in the comments section. If your company… [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors: Define an Evolutionary

Listen in this week for part 2 of Randy and Carmen’s early discussion of “Evolutionaries”. In it, they’ll define what it really means to be an Evolutionary. Are you an Evolutionary? Don’t know? Check out the Evolutionary Quiz. We think they’ll be talking about this concept well beyond 2009 — what do you think?  

Ask the Authors: How do you innovate your way to the future?

Happy Friday! It’s time for another IM Radio Flashback. Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen talk about how CEOs innovate their way to the future!

Ask the Authors: How do you manage nerves before a speech?

It’s that time again, time for another IM Radio Flashback. Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen tackle how not to get nervous before making a public presentation.

Ask the Authors: IM Radio Flashback – Evolutionaries!

Listen in this week in another IM Radio Flashback where they talk about the concept of Evolutionaries — before the book was written! This is an illuminating and very special glimpse into the idea before it became a book. You aren’t going to want to miss this episode!

Ask the Authors: IM Radio Flashback: What is an Evolutionary?

This week Randy and Carmen are still out there on the road…if you see them, would you send them home? But we have a special IM Radio podcast on “Reductions in Force”. Listen in to hear a kinder and gentler way to manage a reduction in force — it’s amazing.