The “Basta” Edition: Enough’s Enough Already!

Welcome to the “Basta” Edition of the Evolutionaries Podcast! Don’t know what Basta! is? Better listen in so you know what not to talk about with Randy and Carmen any more. What do you say Basta to? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Osama Bin Laden Introduced Me to Harry Potter

I used to love bookstores.  I mean really, really, love bookstores. Not surprisingly, I loved books; big books, small books, old books new books. Each time we moved we would cull out dozens of books but still end up moving hundreds of pounds of great books because they had become part of the family. My… [Continue Reading]

The Newsroom: Why We Need Fiction to Tell The Truth

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen discuss how fiction can help us to uncover proufound truths within our society and our business culture.

Stop Talking. Be Heard.

My husband (an attorney) has a colleague that has business cards printed with the request: “Please stop talking”. He has been known to pass them to people during meetings.  When he first told me about this I laughed and thought of how often I would have loved to have a card like that to pass… [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors: Why We Love Hotel Impossible

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen discuss why they love Hotel Impossible. There are definitely Evolutionary principles here. If you’re already watching Hotel Impossible, you might check it out sometime. But whether or not you watch the show, you’re going to learn some invaluable lessons about customer service here.

Ask the Authors: How do you innovate your way to the future?

Happy Friday! It’s time for another IM Radio Flashback. Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen talk about how CEOs innovate their way to the future!

Ask the Authors: How Gamification Can Help Us be More Evolutionary

It’s Friday — and your chance to “Ask the Authors”! Today, listen in as Randy and Carmen discuss how gamification can help us be more evolutionary. Remember, you can ask the authors your question just by submitting it below.

Ask the Authors – Who are the People in the Book?

Listen to Randy and Carmen discuss who the people in the book are, and how to nominate an Evolutionary you know!