Courage, Power, Passion

Courage Power Passion is our curriculum for service staff, front-line managers, and team leaders. There is nothing more potent than an “empowered” staff, but actually developing such a staff is another question entirely. Too often, it is not a lack of tools but a lack of purpose that prevents people from seizing the initiative. Employees are afraid, or they believe they don’t have the clout to create positive change, or they simply don’t care enough to do the work.

Courage Power Passion ducks the question of “skills” and focuses on the motivations. We believe that a “demand-side” solution is what makes a difference in service cultures. If you make someone brave, empower them to create change, and give them reasons to care, they will find what they need to lead. This isn’t for the faint of heart – the program works best when we’re also working with leadership, so that we’re approaching change from both ends. It can feel a little like you’re giving the lunatics the run of the asylum. But our results have been fantastic with this curriculum.

While the Courage, Power, Passion (CPP) program concentrates on developing coaching skills at the mid management level, it would be a mistake to think of this as simply a coaching skills program. CPP is a way to work. It is an approach to day-to-day communication that establishes opportunity, challenge, and accountability. It is a program that demands that the client institution and the participants themselves adapt the material to their immediate strategic priorities—and the real world. CPP offers a chance to blend the very best features of theory based, instructor led, skill focused curricula with the practical and unique characteristics of the client institution — and the participants themselves.

Designed to be a three-month training regimen for middle management, with homework and group discussion assignments in between, CPP is also available in smaller, stand-alone curriculum modules. Contact us to learn more about the program and its application. You can also download a fact sheet here: CPP at a glance.