Best Practices Media is the product wing of Strategic Arts & Sciences. Our products are the result of years of experience consulting with credit unions, community banks, and other board-governed institutions. If you are looking to improve your service culture, look no further.

Transformational Leader Book

Buy Now at these Online Stores Evolutionaries are people who lead companies, systems, industries, communities and even nations through transformative change. You can find Evolutionaries hidden inside organizations – often their role is on the periphery. They are the people in the Research and Development Department, the innovation labs, the skunk works, but there are… [Continue Reading]

Courage, Power, Passion

Courage Power Passion is our curriculum for service staff, front-line managers, and team leaders. There is nothing more potent than an “empowered” staff, but actually developing such a staff is another question entirely. Too often, it is not a lack of tools but a lack of purpose that prevents people from seizing the initiative. Employees… [Continue Reading]

Event Experiences and Keynotes

Consistently engaging and well-received speakers are available on a variety of topics for your conference or training day. But what really gets us excited is integrating the back channel, “eureka” moments into our capstone speeches. To do that, we engage with your audience throughout the event, whether in breakout sessions, in interviews, or in the… [Continue Reading]

Video Vignettes

Another curriculum tool we have frequently used in the context of long-term organizational development goals are video vignettes. Our Video Vignettes are a quick and easy way to generate discussions and highlight common situations in customer service, board orientation, and other strategic communication contexts. The sample below gives you some idea of how we script… [Continue Reading]