Mercy Corps & Seminar: Guest Blogger

Carmen is the guest blogger over at Mercy Corps with an article titled: Work Smart, Not Hard: Why We Need to Avoid the Busy Trap. (Head on over to give it a read).

She’s also be doing a seminar from 12-3 on Tuesday, 8/7 at Mercy Corps titled “Work smart, not hard: Make strategic decisions that will save you time and money

We all have limited time and resources.  How strategically are you allocating yours? After years of experience in strategic planning and communication consulting, Carmen Voilleque has developed a clear model that you can use on your own or with your team to guide your strategic business planning and move to a position of optimization and innovation. You will learn why hard work can actually make things worse, and how to identify and follow the “upstream impulse” that opens the door for optimization and innovation to happen. This is a hands-on experience for the participants—and it will give you the tools to go back home and set new practices in motion that will make a huge difference for your business.

You will learn…

  • What to prioritize in the next 12 months for your business
  • When hard work can actually make things worse
  • How to adapt when circumstances are changing rapidly
  • How to identify and follow the “upstream impulse”
  • Why genuine innovation is difficult — unless you can “act upstream”

Want to attend? Register today!