Amber Case is an Evolutionary

Amber articulates the human connection to the technologies that inform us, and figures out ways for organizations to know more, faster, and across organizational barriers. As a TED speaker and keynoter for South by Southwest Interactive, Amber is already what the media might call a “thought leader.” However, what makes her so unique is that she practices what she preaches in each and every business she comes into contact with. She brings the stuff that matters to the forefront of any organization, and she empowers everyone to access and understand the same information that led her to her conclusions.

Folks who are unfamiliar with her observations on work cultures and human interaction with technology would be well served to check out her TED speech on the subject:

~ J-P

Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist


  1. Yes! Great submission for Evolutionary status. I am just starting to understand the profound power of symbolic interaction in culture/knowledge/action. Her connections to tech are mind blowing and profound.