Mercy Corps & Seminar: Guest Blogger

Carmen is the guest blogger over at Mercy Corps with an article titled: Work Smart, Not Hard: Why We Need to Avoid the Busy Trap. (Head on over to give it a read). She’s also be doing a seminar from 12-3 on Tuesday, 8/7 at Mercy Corps titled “Work smart, not hard: Make strategic decisions… [Continue Reading]

FOX News: Tips to Keep Employees Motivated During ‘Dog Days of Summer’

Did you catch Randy on Fox Business this morning? He spent a few minutes with Lauren Simonetti, discussing Tips to Keep Employees Motivated During ‘Dog Days of Summer’. Never fear, if you missed, you can catch it right here.  

Lehigh Valley Business: How to get slacking staffers to work during the summer

Randy made an appearance on the Lehigh Valley Business site today. If you didn’t get a chance to check out, head on over and take a peek!   If the above link doesn’t work, you can also read the PDF version of the article here. Summer doesn’t have to mean losing productivity

Did you catch Randy’s interview on If you missed it the interview about beating the summer doldrums, head on over and take a look!   In the event the link above doesn’t work, you can also read the article in PDF format here.

Diverse LA: Customer Service meltdown

Did you miss Carmen’s interview on Diverse LA last week? Nothing to worry about, you can check out her interview and her discussion with Mario Solis-Marich and Josefa Salinas about MSN Money’s 2012 List of Shame here. Just fast forward to 41:25 to hear her thoughts about great and not so great customer service implications… [Continue Reading]

Training Magazine: Transformational Leaders

Evolutionaries was just published in Training Magazine! Surf on over, give it a read, and leave a comment. See you there!

Paradux Media Group: The Green Dragon of Twitter Guest Blog

Carmen was the guest author on the Paradux Media Blog, Ducking In this morning. Head on over there to read her thoughts on becoming a user in the Twittersphere. For three years I carried a MacBook Air for business and travel.  I loved it, the only issue was that I needed to run Microsoft Office… [Continue Reading]