Credit Union Times: Want Future Gen Y Entrepreneurs? Don’t Pitch Products: Consultant

Read about Carmen’s keynote at CU Business Group in this Credit Union Times article! If credit unions are eager to get younger members to join, particularly those that want to start their own businesses, don’t pitch them products or services. Carmen Voilleque, CEO and owner of Best Practices Media LLC, a Portland, Ore.-based consultancy firm,… [Continue Reading]

Ole Miss MBA Quarterly – Women's Leadership Summit features 'Evolutionaries' co-author

Carmen also makes an appearance in this edition of the Ole Miss MBA Quarterly! Be sure to check it out. “Students participate in the MBA program at a critical time in life. For many students who have recently graduated from college, it is the period during which students determine their career paths. Carmen Voillequé, principal… [Continue Reading]

Ole Miss MBA Quarterly – Course Focuses on the Importance of Soft Skills

Check out the latest article featuring our very own Randy Harrington in the Ole Miss MBA Quarterly! “Combining his deep background in strategic planning, management and media communications with the latest social science, psychology and communication theory research, Randy Harrington taught a cutting-edge, real-world-oriented course titled MBA 601: Managerial Leadership and Communication over the August… [Continue Reading]

WCBS – The Opening Bell Report: Women in Business

Carmen made a series of guest appearances on WCBS’s The Opening Bell Report this month. If you missed it, you can hear her interviews here: September 14, 2012 – Forward to time mark 20:55 September 17, 2012 – Forward to time mark 21:50 September 19, 2012 – Forward to time mark 21:15

Frankie Boyer Show: Evolutionaries

Carmen made a guest appearance on the Frankie Boyer Show today, talking about Evolutionaries. It doesn’t look like there was a recording of the show, but you can read what Frankie says about our favorite book here. Evolutionaries are people who lead companies, systems, industries, communities and even nations through transformative change. You can find… [Continue Reading]

CNN Money: How to stay productive during the Dog Days

Check out Randy Harrington’s latest guest appearance on Fortune’s Ask Annie column. In it, he offers tips on how to stay productive during the dog days. Head on over and give it a read!   You can download the PDF version of the article here.

Small Business Advocate: What is an Evolutionary?

Carmen was on the number one small business radio show in America yesterday. “Small Business Advocate” with Jim Blasingame. She was there to reveal what an “evolutionary” is and why every small business needs at least one, even if what they say hurts a little. Miss the interview? No worries — you can catch parts… [Continue Reading]

Relevant Radio: Boosting Productivity

Randy made a guest appearance on Relevant Radio today, talking about Boosting Productivity. Did you miss it? No reason to worry. We’ve got it for you right here.