Love It! (Things Randy and Carmen Love….)

Welcome to another episode of the Evolutionaries Podcast. This episode is one of Randy and Carmen’s favorites — because they get to talk about the things that they love. Listen in for some fun and interesting ideas that are sure to be welcome gifts come the holiday season. Podcast Transcript  (Music) Randy: Welcome to the… [Continue Reading]

Why We Love… Another Edition of the Things Randy & Carmen Can’t Live Without

Randy and Carmen are back with their Things We Love edition of the podcast. These editions are always a lot of fun and provide illuminating insights into Randy and Carmen as individuals. Tune in, give it a listen! Podcast Transcript (Music) Carmen: Welcome to Evolutionaries podcast. I’m Carmen Voilleque. Randy: Randy Harrington. Carmen: And we… [Continue Reading]

Why We Love… A Few of Carmen and Randy’s New Favorite Things! March Edition

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen talk about the things that they love. This week they are talking about media and popular culture. You’re not going to want to miss this! Podcast Transcript (Music Background) Randy: Welcome to the Evolutionary’s Podcast. I’m Randy Harrington. Carmen: And I’m Carmen Voillequé. Randy: And this is… [Continue Reading]

Why We Love… November 2012 Edition

Welcome to the Evolutionaries Podcast! This week, Randy and Carmen are talking about the things they love — the things they work with, buy, like, and generally enjoy. (Listen in so you’ll know what kind presents they might be hoping for during the upcoming holidays.) Transcript of the Podcast (Music Plays) Carmen:  Welcome to Evolutionaries… [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors: Why We Love…

Welcome to Ask the Authors. Today Carmen and Randy are talking about why they love _______________. If you’re interested in learning what kinds of things they love…books, television, games, shopping services, popcorn, water bottles, and shoes. What do you love?