We’re Writing Our Next Book!

After two years of weekly podcasts and blogs to supplement our first book Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership, we feel ready to take on another big challenge – BOOK TWO!

Of course, we still have our day jobs working as transformational change and strategic planning consultants and speakers—so something has to give. Therefore, it is with a resigned “sigh” that we take a hiatus from our blog and podcast in order to crank out (we hope) our next co-authored effort.

We want to say a big “thank you!” to everyone who has been following our blogs and podcasts the last few years. We love sharing our thoughts with you and getting your feedback. And just because we’re on hiatus we hope you won’t stop engaging with us. So please send us your great thoughts, opinions, and stories to randy@easci.com and carmen@easci.com. We promise to reply!

See you soon,

Carmen & Randy