Joe Time

Joe Brancucci is the CEO of GTE Federal Credit Union in West central Florida. Joe is an Evolutionary…big time. Joe came to GTE from BECU Credit Union in Seattle, Washington. When he took over the leadership position two years ago, the credit union was ailing from a perfect storm of investment and lending missteps that threatened the viability of the institution. Many in the industry had already
written the credit union off.

But Joe is one of those people who can’t not make change (sorry for the double negative). Even when things are going great, Joe is going to be the guy suggesting we do things differently. At GTE FCU the changes began immediately—and they were very bold. Branches were consolidated, lending processes were transformed, the culture was transformed, Board planning processes were improved significantly, the brand was transformed…and on and on.

Nothing has escaped scrutiny and transformation. Within six months of his arrival the credit union was off the watch lists of the NCUA and within a year the credit union was officially thriving.

Employees who work with Joe call the experience “intense” and “dizzying.” They call his tempo for project management, “Joe Time.” Joe Time means things are moving very, very fast—all the time.  And that is the main point of this Blog. Evolutionaries operate with a very different sense of professional tempo. Time is precious and there is so much to do! Look at the people who always seem to working at “double time” and you are likely to have found an Evolutionary.  Now if you can only get their attention…

Do you know any other evolutionary leaders in the financial service industry?

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