We’re Writing Our Next Book!

After two years of weekly podcasts and blogs to supplement our first book Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership, we feel ready to take on another big challenge – BOOK TWO! Of course, we still have our day jobs working as transformational change and strategic planning consultants and speakers—so something has to give. Therefore, it is with a… [Continue Reading]

Service Coaching With A Hammer

Carmen and Randy are back this week with a brilliant podcast detailing how to drive service throughout your organization. Listen in to this one, you’re not going to want to miss it! Podcast Transcript [music] Carmen:  Welcome to Evolutionaries Podcast. I am Carmen  Voilleque. Randy:  I am Randy Harrington . Carmen:  And today, we are… [Continue Reading]

Basta! (Enough Already! Things Randy and Carmen hate)

It’s Podcast Friday! And more importantly, the Basta Edition! Listen in this week to hear what Randy and Carmen are sick of and have had too much of. (And what they DON”T want for Christmas this year!)  Podcast Transcript Carmen:  Welcome to Evolutionaries Podcast, “The Basta Edition” Basta! And I’m Carmen Voilleque. Randy:  I’m Randy Harrington. Carmen:  And we just… [Continue Reading]

Love It! (Things Randy and Carmen Love….)

Welcome to another episode of the Evolutionaries Podcast. This episode is one of Randy and Carmen’s favorites — because they get to talk about the things that they love. Listen in for some fun and interesting ideas that are sure to be welcome gifts come the holiday season. Podcast Transcript  (Music) Randy: Welcome to the… [Continue Reading]

“I’m Behind In Leadership!”

Join Randy and Carmen this week as they discuss complexities of leadership through role play. It’s a series of conversations that will help you become a better leader – and a better employee. Podcast Transcript Randy:  (music playing) Welcome to the Evolutionary podcast, I’m Randy Harrington. Carmen:  And I’m Carmen Voilleque. Randy:  And today, Carmen,… [Continue Reading]

Interview With The Worst Board Member in America: Mr. Ivan O. Pinion

You’re in for a real treat today! Carmen Voilleque is interviewing the WORST BOARD MEMBER IN AMERICA, Mr. Ivan O. Pinion. Listen in to his unique take on how to be a successful Board Member. There is a lot of wisdom here — just be sure too look for the lesson! Podcast Transcript Carmen Voilleque: … [Continue Reading]

Positional Power: Being a Good “Lifeguard”

Welcome to the Evolutionaries Podcast! Today, Randy and Carmen are talking about positional power. Randy leads off with an inspiring story about how positional power can be used for good — and to turn a bad experience into an amazing one. Carmen follows it up with an equally impressive story — but on the opposite… [Continue Reading]

Positional Power Inhibits The Truth — And We Need The Truth

Carmen E. Voilleque & Randy Harrington, Phd Not many people have the courage to speak truth to power. Most of us find it easier to tell those in powerful positions exactly what they want to hear, whether it’s true or not.  The best managers and coaches understand that leadership is not just about vision—it’s about creating… [Continue Reading]