The Authors

Why we wrote Evolutionaries

In our work as consultants, we meet a lot of leaders looking to change their organizations or businesses to better respond to community and marketplace demands. They know they need help, but they often don’t know what kind of help they should be looking for – is it consulting? Training? Facilitation?

What they are really looking for is transformational change – a meaningful direction and purpose suited to the changing economic environment.  But they don’t know how to talk about what they need because until now there hasn’t been a common language to define this sort of transformational leadership.

We wrote this book to ignite a series of leadership conversations designed to help you achieve the evolution you are seeking for your team, company or community. We call the people who lead this kind of transformation Evolutionaries.  And in this book, we show you how they do it.


Randy Harrington

Randy Harrington, PhD

Partner & CEO of Strategic Arts & Sciences

Carmen Voilleque

Carmen Voillequé

Principal and Co-Founder of Strategic Arts & Sciences