Getting Out of Brainstorming

Join Randy and Carmen this week as the talk about the recent New York Times article the Rise of the New Groupthink, and address the question, “Can an Introvert be an Evolutionary?” The answer is interesting, listen in and see what they say (or just read the transcript.) We are on a hunt for Evolutionaries — if… [Continue Reading]

Latrice Fowler is an Evolutionary

I’m nominating Latrice Fowler owner and blogger on family-food blog Raising Chefs. Latrice is all about getting kids into the kitchen at an early age. Teaching them the importance of making healthy food choices while they’re young so those choices can be carried with them into their adult years. Raising Chefs teaches not only young… [Continue Reading]

The Power of a Question

In our book Evolutionaries we observe that Evolutionaries, on average, ask more questions than other leaders. They know that in order to innovate, inspire and transform, they have to consistently tap into the population they lead for ideas, feedback, and to check for understanding. But if you want to transform an organization or change the… [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors – What Would an Evolutionary Politician Look Like?

Listen as Randy and Carmen discuss what an Evolutionary Politician would look like.

Was Sherlock Holmes an Evolutionary?

A few years ago I bought a brand new, bright blue Mini Cooper.  As I was driving my new car home from Portland, I saw dozens of Mini’s everywhere. Once I had a connection to the Mini, my perception of the world changed to notice other Minis. Once you read Evolutionaries, the same thing will… [Continue Reading]