Do Positive and Productive Women Teams Exist in Business?

I recently had the opportunity to work with an all-women business team in the financial services industry. One of the members of team asked me: “Do you think all-women teams can be successful in business?” So I did what all good little consultants do – I scoured the internet for stories of all-women business teams… [Continue Reading]

Naïve & Loving It! The Rise of Small Business In America

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen discuss the optimism machine in America today, the economic malaise, and all the negative news cycles. Yet, small businesses are the backbone of America. They’re talking about micro businesses, entrepreneurs, and how the recession has given people permission to be courageous. If you’re thinking of dipping your… [Continue Reading]

2012 – The Year of the Entrepreneur!

In our “Asks the Authors” podcast on predictions for 2012, we claim that 2012 will be “The Year of the Entrepreneur!” In fact, we believe these Evolutionary business owners and idea people will lead the way as we emerge from the Great Recession and will be ahead of the game in 2013 as more traditional… [Continue Reading]

A Nonfat Latte, a blueberry scone, and a small business loan…to go

There are a couple of premises that seem to ring true regardless of your political party affiliation: 1)      Job growth is key for economic recovery and development 2)      Small and middle sized business are the best job producers So it would make sense to spur small businesses right? You and I both know that we… [Continue Reading]

“Small” is the New Black!

Last year a movement to support small businesses attempted to get the word out that in the after-Thanksgiving-shopping-madness we should not forget our favorite small stores. They marketed “Small Business Saturday” to encourage shoppers – once they had spent most of their budgets on Black Friday at the big retailers – to consider spending the… [Continue Reading]