Vote With Your Fork – Or, How to Never Diet Again: Our conversation with Intuitive Eating expert and restaurateur, Caryn Gillen

This week, Randy and Carmen have a conversation with renaissance women, Caryn Gillen. Caryn is a dynamo, with significant insight to share. Do yourself a favor, and listen to this amazing interview!  Podcast Transcript Carmen: Welcome to Evolutionaries podcast. I’m Carmen Voillequé. Randy: I’m Randy Harrington, and today we are talking with Caryn Gillen, and she is… [Continue Reading]

Legend in Public Speaking: Our Conversation with Dr. Larry Schnoor

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen have a conversation with a true legend in public speaking. You’re not going to want to miss this insightful interview. Podcast Transcript [music] Carmen: Welcome to Evolutionary’s podcast.  I’m Carmen Voilleque. Randy: I’m Randy Harrington, and we have an exciting guest on the phone. Carmen:  One of… [Continue Reading]

Gun Control: Discuss

They’re jumping right in the middle of it… GUN CONTROL, dun dun dun…. First thing you need to know, Randy owns guns and enjoys target practice, second thing you need to know, Carmen comes from a family of hunters. Is the catastrophe at Sandy Hook a victim of “Leadership Theater”? What else could or should… [Continue Reading]

Evolutionaries Podcast Interview – Ran Whitehead, CEO of PeaceHealth Labs

Hi you Evolutionaries you! This week we have something very special, an interview with Ran Whitehead, CEO of PeaceHealth Labs. This is an evolutionary you’re going to want to listen to! Podcast Transcription [Intro music] Randy: Hi, welcome to the Evolutionary’s Podcast. I’m Randy Harrington. Carmen: And I’m Carmen Voillequé. Randy: And today, Carmen, I’m… [Continue Reading]

Who’s to Blame for the Future?

An email chain from Randy & Carmen, February 2013…   From: Randy Harrington Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2013 12:16 PM To: Carmen Voilleque Subject: The Service Experience Greetings, I am working with a few MBA students who are seeking career advice. I am struck by how low they have set their goals. Most of them… [Continue Reading]