Do Positive and Productive Women Teams Exist in Business?

I recently had the opportunity to work with an all-women business team in the financial services industry. One of the members of team asked me: “Do you think all-women teams can be successful in business?” So I did what all good little consultants do – I scoured the internet for stories of all-women business teams… [Continue Reading]

The “Queen Bee” is Misunderstood

Earlier this year the Wall Street Journal published an article essay titled “The Tyranny of the Queen Bee”  that claimed the “Queen Bee” syndrome, coined in the 1970s to explain women who reached leadership positions and then failed to mentor women lower in the ranks, is still alive and well today. The Queen Bee Syndrome… [Continue Reading]

Women In Leadership: What’s The Big Deal?

“Actually,” She Said, “He Works for Me.” That’s the title of an article by the CEO of Aureus Asset Management, Karen Firestone, in a recent Harvard Business Review posting. It’s just one of hundreds of articles, interviews, blogs and books that are popping right now on the topic of women in leadership. The role that… [Continue Reading]

Don’t Microwave Everything: Lessons from 20 Years of Public Speaking

Over the past twenty years I have delivered hundreds of professional speeches; from lonely conference breakout sessions to substantial, large audience big productions in Las Vegas and Chicago. The vast majority of the time the gigs have played out well. I like to walk a fine balance between the deep idea and the immediately usable… [Continue Reading]

Women Professionals Seize the New Year!

The 113th Congress is a beacon of hope for women like me who have been waiting for stronger representation in government for years now. The 2012 election set the record for the number of women to hold seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate. A total of 98 women will take the oath… [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors: Browsers vs Seekers

Listen in today as Randy and Carmen discuss the difference between Browsers and Seekers and how to move to the next step along the Evolutionary Path from Apprentice to Guilded and beyond. This is a great podcast for teaching you ways to grow as an Evolutionary Leader, no matter what your Evolutionary level is. Which reminds us —… [Continue Reading]