Why Teams Fall Apart

I am experiencing a flurry of issues from clients about teams. In the last year I have heard everything from teams that are underperforming to good people resigning, to leaders arguing over insignificant issues in an effort to derail projects and damage reputations. A few years ago Patrick Lencioni took the business world by storm… [Continue Reading]

Can Work Really Be A Game?

Long before Mary Poppins sang to us that “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun, you find the fun and Snap! The job’s a game!” we have believed that playing games makes work more fun. Lately the trend toward “gamification” in the workplace has exploded – with experts recommending… [Continue Reading]

Getting Out of Brainstorming

Join Randy and Carmen this week as the talk about the recent New York Times article the Rise of the New Groupthink, and address the question, “Can an Introvert be an Evolutionary?” The answer is interesting, listen in and see what they say (or just read the transcript.) We are on a hunt for Evolutionaries — if… [Continue Reading]