We’re Writing Our Next Book!

After two years of weekly podcasts and blogs to supplement our first book Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership, we feel ready to take on another big challenge – BOOK TWO! Of course, we still have our day jobs working as transformational change and strategic planning consultants and speakers—so something has to give. Therefore, it is with a… [Continue Reading]

Unintended Consequences Part 1

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen discuss several different situations which are resulting in unintended consequences. They’re talking mortgage industry and Bismark — only these two can tie those together, but as you’d expect, they do it successfully. Listen in and see how they do it. Podcast Transcript (Music Plays) Randy:  Welcome to… [Continue Reading]

CITE: Just What We Need, a New Acroynm

Dr. Geoff Gilmore, one of the leaders featured in our book Evolutionaries says, “There is a pervasive line of thought in management that people are supposed to leave their home life at home and their work life at work. No personal calls at work, and no work calls or talking about work at home. But… [Continue Reading]