What if Staff Planned Staff Appreciation Day?

Some call it “Training Day”, some call it “Employee Day”, some call it “Staff Appreciation Day”. But whatever you call it, if you work in Human Resources or Training and Development you are likely familiar with the common concept of devoting one full day each year to staff appreciation day. Sometimes the focus is on… [Continue Reading]

Yahoo Bans Remote Work

Yes, you read that right. In what some experts in workplace productivity are labeling as a “giant step backward,” Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is moving to bring all employees into the office this June, according to an internal memo. Yahoo has declined to comment on the new policy. This is a bold stance to take… [Continue Reading]

Anne Murray Allen is an Evolutionary

Anne is a cutting edge force in leveraging our human-ness to inspire great performance via the “work of the work” – conversations and relationships within social networks where the work actually gets done. Adapted from www.willamette.edu/mba/faculty_directory/allen.htm: Anne has spent her entire career pursuing the questions “How does work really get done?”, “How do people come… [Continue Reading]

Can Human Resources be Evolutionary in the Grand Recession?

Recent economic realities have dramatically changed the conversations we have had with our Human Resources clients in the past few months.  Rather than inquiring about the latest recruitment methods or benefits strategies, our HR clients are asking us how to downsize with dignity. Downsizing, or “layoffs” are terms that strike fear into most employees and… [Continue Reading]