Building a “One Voice” Board of Directors (Part 3?)

Randy’s back this week with a third installment in the Strategic Planning series. This week, he’s tackling the topic of the impact a GOOD Board of Directors can have on an organization. If you’re on a board, or work with a board, or even want to be on a board — this is the podcast… [Continue Reading]

Fear is the Mind Killer

I work with a person who is really afraid of snakes (ophidiophobia); certainly not an unusual phobia. Most of us experience some kind of phobic response; heights, mice, germs, crowds etc. The term phobia comes to us from the Greek word Phobos which means fear or mortal fear.  I suffer from a mild version of… [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors: How Could the Campus Model Provide Significant Implications for Health Care and Tuition Costs?

Hi you Evolutionary you! Listen in this week as Randy talks with Dr.  Brigitte Piniewski, Chief Medical Officer at PeaceHealth Laboratories. Dr. Piniewski’s specialty is in finding wellness solutions for better health and lower cost health care, through “crowd based approaches”. Talk about an Evolutionary vision! Listen in this week to the first of a series… [Continue Reading]

Where Are the Change Leaders in Health Care?

Make no mistake; Evolutionary leaders are hard at work in American health care. For now, however, they are unlikely to be in the news. Current hot-topic health care legislation discussions are just a symptom of a deeper, inevitable, and profound exigence for a new approach. Obamacare or no Obamacare, health care would still be in… [Continue Reading]

Curbing Burnout in the Great Recession

Recessions can be a good thing – they force us to “cut the fat” in our budgets, hone our focus on the most important business goals, and re-evaluate what matters most in our lives. It is no surprise then that recessions are a time when we see a rebirth of Entrepreneurialism. As traditional job options… [Continue Reading]

Latrice Fowler is an Evolutionary

I’m nominating Latrice Fowler owner and blogger on family-food blog Raising Chefs. Latrice is all about getting kids into the kitchen at an early age. Teaching them the importance of making healthy food choices while they’re young so those choices can be carried with them into their adult years. Raising Chefs teaches not only young… [Continue Reading]