You Can’t Replicate a Live Show!

You had to be there. I remember the first time I saw Cirque du Soliel in a tent show about 15 years ago in San Francisco. I had never seen anything like it! When a version of the same show was on television a year later I said to my mother: “You have to see… [Continue Reading]

Frankie Boyer Show: Evolutionaries

Carmen made a guest appearance on the Frankie Boyer Show today, talking about Evolutionaries. It doesn’t look like there was a recording of the show, but you can read what Frankie says about our favorite book here. Evolutionaries are people who lead companies, systems, industries, communities and even nations through transformative change. You can find… [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors: Why Women Still Can’t Have it All

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen discuss Anne-Marie Slaughter’s recent article in the Atlantic, “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All.” Both Randy and Carmen have a unique take on how this affects succession planning. As you can imagine, this is a really personal and interesting topic for Carmen, in particular. As always, you’ll… [Continue Reading]

Rethinking Innovation

I have fallen woefully behind in keeping up on the Harvard Business Review this year, but this month while flipping through it, one article on innovation caught my eye. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Does the world really need another article on innovation?” Yeah, yeah, I know that innovation is business’ hottest buzz word… [Continue Reading]

The Crabs in the Bucket: A Leadership Lesson

As much as I love my home state of Oregon, I am deeply connected to Hawaii. I grew up on Oahu and the spirit of the islands is still alive and well in my soul—though I am a mainland “Haole.” There is wisdom in the islands that comes from living close to nature and connecting… [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors: IM Radio Flashback – Evolutionaries!

Listen in this week in another IM Radio Flashback where they talk about the concept of Evolutionaries — before the book was written! This is an illuminating and very special glimpse into the idea before it became a book. You aren’t going to want to miss this episode!

The Power of a Question

In our book Evolutionaries we observe that Evolutionaries, on average, ask more questions than other leaders. They know that in order to innovate, inspire and transform, they have to consistently tap into the population they lead for ideas, feedback, and to check for understanding. But if you want to transform an organization or change the… [Continue Reading]