Cultural Evolutionaries

Leading Transformational Change in the Modern Workplace If you have ever worked in an organization, it’s likely you have had this experience: Management heads off for a 2-day “strategic planning” retreat and returns inspired with big ideas and eager to get started on a bold new course of action to be rolled out with great… [Continue Reading]

Strategic Plans that REALLY Work for the 21st Century (Part 2)

Carmen’s still away, but Randy’s back with PART 2 in the GREAT Strategic Plans series. More great nuggets in here be sure to give it a listen, you won’t want to miss a thing! Podcast Transcript Randy: Welcome to the Evolutionaries Podcast.  I’m Randy Harrington and Carmen Voilleque is out on the road living the… [Continue Reading]

Three “Must Haves” for Great Strategic Planning (Part 1)

Carmen’s out on the road with clients this week, but Randy took the helm and is sharing the Three Must Haves for GREAT Strategic Planning. There are some great nuggets in here — don’t miss out! Podcast Transcript Randy: Welcome to the Evolutionary podcast.  I’m Randy Harrington.  Carmen Voilleque is on the road out working… [Continue Reading]

An Interview with the Worst Planning Facilitator in the Country

Strategic planning meetings are sometimes magical. There is excitement, debate, deep discussion, and a sense of momentum. Innovation joins with clarity and a palpable energy fills the room. After the session people are excited to share the results and get back to work to launch bold new initiatives. And sometimes, strategic planning meetings suck. Energy… [Continue Reading]

Strategic Planning? Three Words: Boring Time Suck

That was the response from a seat mate on a plane who asked what kind of work I was doing and I said, “strategic planning.” After his pithy “three words” response he went on to say, “The plan is worthless before it hits the paper.” Happily, I don’t think this gentleman speaks for 21st century… [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors – How can you create a relevant plan in the midst of constant change?

Listen this week as Randy and Carmen discuss how to create a relevant plan in the midst of constant change.

The Power of a Question

In our book Evolutionaries we observe that Evolutionaries, on average, ask more questions than other leaders. They know that in order to innovate, inspire and transform, they have to consistently tap into the population they lead for ideas, feedback, and to check for understanding. But if you want to transform an organization or change the… [Continue Reading]