Interview With The Worst Board Member in America: Mr. Ivan O. Pinion

You’re in for a real treat today! Carmen Voilleque is interviewing the WORST BOARD MEMBER IN AMERICA, Mr. Ivan O. Pinion. Listen in to his unique take on how to be a successful Board Member. There is a lot of wisdom here — just be sure too look for the lesson! Podcast Transcript Carmen Voilleque: … [Continue Reading]

Women Professionals Seize the New Year!

The 113th Congress is a beacon of hope for women like me who have been waiting for stronger representation in government for years now. The 2012 election set the record for the number of women to hold seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate. A total of 98 women will take the oath… [Continue Reading]

The Five Skill Sets that Ensure Employment

Listening to the news it would be easy to believe that there are no jobs to be had for new college graduates or returning veterans. Current statistics reveal a flat, lackluster job market—with no real changes anticipated in the near future. So, we ought just sit back and wait for something to happen… right? Wrong…. [Continue Reading]

The Role of Faith in Business: The Chick-fil-A Debate

I once had a teacher who started each year’s class by swinging his arms around swiftly (like a windmill).  He would say, “These are my arms, and I can swing them if I want to. I have that right. This is my body to do with as I choose, so I can swing my arms… [Continue Reading]