Ready for the World to Change

On September 30th 1962, James Meredith took up the mission to integrate the University of Mississippi. The result was a cliff-hanging fourteen day showdown between the State of Mississippi, a mob of 2000 white civilians, 400 US Deputy Marshals and 30,000 American Combat troops. There are still bullet holes in the Lyceum, the venerable central… [Continue Reading]

Evolutionaries Podcast Interview – Rich Walter, ICF International

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen interview Rich Walter — the guy in charge of everything in California. Podcast Transcript Randy:  Welcome to the Evolutionaries podcast.  I’m Randy Harrington. Carmen:  And I’m Carmen Voilleque. Randy:  And today, we have a really smart guy on the phone.  His name is Rich Walter, and he’s… [Continue Reading]

Diana Dykstra is an Evolutionary

Diana Dykstra is always (as in 24/7/365) questioning why things are the way they are–and how they can be made better. As the president of the California Credit Union League she is helping to guide an industry that is changing with incredible speed. And she couldn’t be happier. For Diana, everything is relevant, everything is… [Continue Reading]