A Story We’ve Been Telling A Lot Recently…

It’s “planning season” and that means leaders in companies across the country are locking themselves in small rooms together for two days to hash out plans for next year, budget implications, goals and priorities. The really ambitious organizations are will attempt to define a vision, mission and purpose to guide the strategy and planning, and… [Continue Reading]

Women In Leadership: What’s The Big Deal?

“Actually,” She Said, “He Works for Me.” That’s the title of an article by the CEO of Aureus Asset Management, Karen Firestone, in a recent Harvard Business Review posting. It’s just one of hundreds of articles, interviews, blogs and books that are popping right now on the topic of women in leadership. The role that… [Continue Reading]

There is No Dream Job

Our Greatest Fear Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to work with several college students. It’s not easy to be a college student. Oh, it’s not the classes that are hard – not really. It’s the pressure to choose a career, to find that perfect first job and “make something of yourself”… [Continue Reading]

Why I Don’t Take Pictures

I never take pictures. When my daughter was younger, I tried to remind myself to “capture the precious moments” but I did a terrible job.  Luckily my mother made up for it by taking hundreds of photos over the years so I can always look back and see what my daughter looked like growing up…. [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors: Are You Doing Epic Strategic Planning?

Randy and Carmen are still out there on the road–and perhaps are about to…or just did visit you. This week we have another classic IM Radio podcast for your listening pleasure. They are discussion epic strategic planning, how it’s done, and why it’s important. You’re not going to want to miss the pearls of wisdom… [Continue Reading]

Best Evolutionary Stories – 2011

In the opening of our book, we extend special thanks to one of our favorite Evolutionaries – United States District Court Chief Judge Ann Aiken. This video describes what can happen when one determined Evolutionary takes on the challenge of changing the world. The story starts in 1994 with what was first known as the… [Continue Reading]