Interview With The Worst Board Member in America: Mr. Ivan O. Pinion

You’re in for a real treat today! Carmen Voilleque is interviewing the WORST BOARD MEMBER IN AMERICA, Mr. Ivan O. Pinion. Listen in to his unique take on how to be a successful Board Member. There is a lot of wisdom here — just be sure too look for the lesson!


Podcast Transcript

Carmen Voilleque:  Welcome to Evolutionary Podcast. I’m Carmen Voilleque and Randy Harrington is traveling out there doing wonderful things with boards but he is missing out because today I have here in the studio the worst board member in America.

Randy Harrington:  Well I.

Carmen Voilleque:  Ivan Opinion.

Randy Harrington:  Well that’s the truth but I, I’m going to disagree with you right there, that I’m the worst board member in America. I hear people say that. I heard there was a popular vote. But I’m going to disagree with it right away. I happen to be the best board member in the entire world.

Carmen Voilleque:  Now so you’ve been serving as a board member for quite some time. Is that right?

Randy Harrington:  I’ve been on the board for 74 years.

Carmen Voilleque:  74 years. Amazing.

Randy Harrington:  Yes. It’s incredible.

Carmen Voilleque:  You hardly look old enough to have served 74 years.

Randy Harrington:  Well you know, I know I started young.

Carmen Voilleque:  Wow, wow.

Randy Harrington:  That’s the kind of guy that I am. I’m not going to give it up until I die, until they wheel me out. I’m going to be on the board until I finally croak and leave this Earth.

Carmen Voilleque:  Wow well you know Ivan I have heard a lot of things about you. You’re legendary, there’s big word on the street that you are the worst board member ever.

Randy Harrington:  You know I heard that, I heard that bandied about, that I’m the worst board member in America, and I’m here to tell you that’s a bold face lie. It’s a lie I tell you.

Carmen Voilleque:  Really?

Randy Harrington:  It’s a lie. There’s no truth to it. I’m the best board member in the world.

Carmen Voilleque:  What makes you so good?

Randy Harrington:  I’ll tell you, first of all my name, Ivan Opinion. I’ve got an opinion and I’m going to share that opinion every chance I get. I’m the best board member because you know where I stand 100% of the time, I’ll call you at home, tell you where I stand. That’s the kind of guy that I am. I’m a “Tell them where I stand” kind of guy. So I have an opinion and you’re going to see it.

Carmen Voilleque:  So you know, that can be a really good thing. I see what you are saying.

Randy Harrington:  Rightness is good things. I’m right too. It’s not just any old opinion, it’s the right opinion.

Carmen Voilleque:  Okay.

Randy Harrington:  But people don’t realize that.

Carmen Voilleque:  Oh, oh they don’t?

Randy Harrington:  No.

Carmen Voilleque:  Let me ask you something about your opinion Ivan. Is it, you know once you have the [00:02:00] opinion and put it out there, is that something you’re real consistent about? Because that can be a good thing for people, you know, they know where you stand and …

Randy Harrington:  Oh I am, I am. Yes.

Carmen Voilleque:  Predictable and you know.

Randy Harrington:  I am consistent, I have like only 3 opinions and I share those consistently all the time every time.

Carmen Voilleque:  Wow what are the … I can’t help but ask, what are these opinions?

Randy Harrington:  Well first of all, whatever information is coming out of the senior team is horse swaggle. So that’s all, anytime anybody puts a number … you can show me a pie chart I’m not going to believe it in a million years.

Carmen Voilleque:  So do you read the packets then? Or is that …

Randy Harrington:  No, no that’s all horse swaggle. They’re just putting that in there to put film over our eyes, to fool us into believing everything is okay when we know for a fact that really the whole enterprise is going to hell in a hand basket. And if it weren’t for people like me digging into the facts we’d have big trouble.

Carmen Voilleque:  Well Ivan, I’m just stunned, you know, thinking about what the world would be like if you weren’t there. Um, you know let me ask you …

Randy Harrington:  That’s a, that’s a really good point. That’s a really, really good point actually. People have asked many times what it would be like if I wasn’t there.

Carmen Voilleque:  What would it be like if Ivan wasn’t here?

Randy Harrington:  If only he wasn’t here.

Carmen Voilleque:  Well let me ask you this Ivan, it sounds like you have opinions, you’re very consistent about them, you know, you’ve been on the board for a long time. Would it be safe to assume then that this is a, a one voice board. Is that something you would buy into? This concept that, you know, the board sort of works like a jury and once they come together on a decision  there.

Randy Harrington:  Are you a liberal? I think you’re a liberal. I’m pretty sure you’re a liberal. That sounds like liberal crap to me. One voice, I got your one voice right here. No. You are a board member, you are sacredly obliged to say your opinion and screw everybody else. To hell with their opinions. It’s a fist fight, it’s fisticuffs and at the end of the day it’s going to come down to a blood feud vote where we’re going to finally split 6-5 or whatever. It’s Hatfields and McCoys, always has been, always will be and that’s the way it rolls. One voice [00:04:00] is horse swaggle.

Carmen Voilleque:  Okay. Let’s, let’s, let’s follow that logic for a minute.

Randy Harrington:  All right.

Carmen Voilleque:  So you get to the end of this 5-6 vote.

Randy Harrington:  5-6.

Carmen Voilleque:  So now the vote’s done.

Randy Harrington:  Done, it’s a done deal.

Carmen Voilleque:  And then the boards behind it right?

Randy Harrington:  Well it depends. You see it’s a very good point that you’re bringing up. So you must be a moderate and not entirely a liberal. So here’s the dealio.

Carmen Voilleque:  I think that might be a compliment.

Randy Harrington:  Yes, yes, absolutely. So here’s the dealio. If I’m on the losing side of the vote.

Carmen Voilleque:  So you’re one of the 5.

Randy Harrington:  I’m one of the 5. You can bet your sweet tuchus I’m going to be bringing that issue up every single meeting until hell freezes over. I will parade with a sandwich board in front of the institution about that particular issue if I am on the losing side. You will hear it again and again. I will send podcasts to your home elucidating my opinion. It will never die. I am so proud, have I mentioned, of the tea part republicans right now? It’s an impressive group right now.

Carmen Voilleque:  I’m assuming you’re referring to Obamacare.

Randy Harrington:  Oh my. I just get emotional each time they speak to de-fund it.

Carmen Voilleque:  Some people would think that decision was made.

Randy Harrington:  I just get, I tear up. These are my peeps.

Carmen Voilleque:  All right so fight till the death. This is war.

Randy Harrington:  This is war. Constantly war. It’s always one up one down. It’s always victors and vanquish. It’s never going to change.

Carmen Voilleque:  Okay. Let’s, let’s talk about that never changing idea. Now are you a fan, I’m guessing maybe not, but are you a fan of the term limits? The idea.

Randy Harrington:  Term limits are horse swaggle. Are you kidding me? This is just, uh your liberal side is showing one more time. People come in all the time, they say oh term limits ought to be 9 years, oh term limits ought to be 12 years. Well where would I have been?

Carmen Voilleque:  And these people.

Randy Harrington:  I couldn’t have been on the board for 74 years.

Carmen Voilleque:  Who come in, these are?

Randy Harrington:  How could that happen then? I wouldn’t be on, see? My delightful countenance would not be available in the board room if we had these term limits. Term limits come from one place and one place only and that is Satan. [00:06:00] That’s all I’m saying.

Carmen Voilleque:  All right folks. You heard it here on the Evolutionary’s podcast. The worst board member in the world, I think you cannot argue that, Ivan Opinion.

Randy Harrington:  I have an opinion and I’m happy to share it any time, any place. If I believed in the internet you could check out my website but I don’t.

Carmen Voilleque:  All right well as a favor to all of us. But thank you very much Ivan for being here today. I think we all learned something.

Randy Harrington:  Thank you Carmen.

Carmen Voilleque:  And please.

Randy Harrington:  You’re not as ridiculous and liberal as I thought you were so.

Carmen Voilleque:  Oh well thank, thank, you very much Ivan. And please join us next time on Evolutionary’s podcast.

Randy Harrington:  Bye.