Carmen Voillequé

Carmen is the CEO of Best Practices Media and a longtime consultant for Strategic Arts and Sciences. She is also the author of the Courage Power Passion curriculum for middle management employees, and the co-author of an upcoming book on evolutionary management strategies. Her extensive speaking engagements consistently receive high praise and positive feedback from organizers and audience alike. Her topics range from organizational development to leadership in troubled times.

Current Speech Topics


Carmen is available alone or in tandem with Randy to talk about Evolutionary people and organizations. For much, much more information on the topic, visit the book’s website.

Planning for the Future

The most successful financial institutions are already positioning themselves to make the move from process-laden services to customer-centered services that are efficient, innovative, and technologically seamless for the user. But this kind of positioning comes with costs: financial, cultural, and human. Are you prepared? How do you help people get on board with this rapid shift? Do you have a plan? In this keynote presentation, you will see a glimpse of the future and learn how to prepare your people for the rapid change ahead…

GENERATIONAL CLASH: A Glimpse of the Future

Life has changed so often and so much in last century. Technological advancement, demographic changes, and emerging generational attitudes require us to rethink how we plan for and respond to the employees and customers that drive today’s most successful businesses. The unique and formative shared experiences of each generation mold core values for every age group, and those core values impact how each generation will respond change. Business strategies must address generational attitudes toward the changing work and economic environment, because the way each generation responds to change will form the future of business. Learn how you can ensure your business not only survives but thrives and innovates in this transitional economy.

COURAGE, POWER, PASSION. Leadership in Transitional Times

In today’s new economic reality the tectonic plates of business are shifting dramatically and we need leaders who offer crisp, authentic, and reliable communication. We need leaders who are bold, focused, optimistic—leaders who “get it.” You can feel it when you are working with a real leader. There is a sense of action and accomplishment that is unmistakable. You know that what you are doing is important. And, even though it may be challenging—you are enjoying the experience. Join Carmen Voilleque, Senior Consultant for Extreme Arts and Sciences for a knock-your-socks off look at the characteristics of the best leaders for today and tomorrow. Unlock the potential of courage, power, and passion in your own professional development.

RAISING EYEBROWS WHILE RAISING THE BAR: Recruitment, Retention & Recognition

Sure there are plenty of people looking for work; but have you noticed that just makes finding the right people that much harder. No matter what your goals are—we all depend on quality people to bring the competitive edge to our businesses. Join Carmen Voilleque, Senior Consultant for Extreme Arts and sciences, for a real-world/best practice look at recruiting, retaining and recognizing the employees that are ready to take on the future. In this session you will also see a glimpse of that future as Carmen shares the latest research in technology, futuring and demographics. The Three R’s, Recruitment, Recognition and Retention, have never been more important than in today’s transitional economy.