Interview With The Worst Board Member in America: Mr. Ivan O. Pinion

You’re in for a real treat today! Carmen Voilleque is interviewing the WORST BOARD MEMBER IN AMERICA, Mr. Ivan O. Pinion. Listen in to his unique take on how to be a successful Board Member. There is a lot of wisdom here — just be sure too look for the lesson! Podcast Transcript Carmen Voilleque: … [Continue Reading]

Vote With Your Fork – Or, How to Never Diet Again: Our conversation with Intuitive Eating expert and restaurateur, Caryn Gillen

This week, Randy and Carmen have a conversation with renaissance women, Caryn Gillen. Caryn is a dynamo, with significant insight to share. Do yourself a favor, and listen to this amazing interview!  Podcast Transcript Carmen: Welcome to Evolutionaries podcast. I’m Carmen Voillequé. Randy: I’m Randy Harrington, and today we are talking with Caryn Gillen, and she is… [Continue Reading]

Women in Leadership (and men too!) – Clarity, Influence & Fortune: Our conversation with executive coach Katie Kelley

Randy and Carmen have a special conversation today with Katie Kelly, a leadership coach at Legacy Builder Coaching. This is a brilliant conversation you’re not going to want to miss! Podcast Transcript Randy:  Welcome to the Evolutionaries podcast. I’m Randy Harrington. Carmen:  And I’m Carmen Voilliqué, and today we have a special guest, Katie Kelley…. [Continue Reading]

Legend in Public Speaking: Our Conversation with Dr. Larry Schnoor

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen have a conversation with a true legend in public speaking. You’re not going to want to miss this insightful interview. Podcast Transcript [music] Carmen: Welcome to Evolutionary’s podcast.  I’m Carmen Voilleque. Randy: I’m Randy Harrington, and we have an exciting guest on the phone. Carmen:  One of… [Continue Reading]

As Big As All Outdoors: Strategy in Oregon Travel

Listen in this week as Scott West from Travel Oregon talks about what it is like to Travel Oregon…. The Great Listening Tour. Scott, Randy, and Carmen discuss both the differences and the similarities of the communities throughout the State and they offer ideas about how Travel Oregon is trying to capture what they are working… [Continue Reading]

Leadership Has A Shelf Life: An Evolutionary Physician’s Story (Our Conversation with Dr. William Bates)

Today, Randy and Carmen have a very special guest, Dr. William Bates! Dr. Bates is a true Evolutionary, and a pioneer in the science of in vitro fertilization. We can all learn from his wisdom and his unique take on the world. Podcast Transcript (Music Background) Randy: Welcome to the Evolutionary’s Podcast. I’m Randy Harrington…. [Continue Reading]

An Evolutionary Repo Man: Our Conversation With Jim Pennington

We’ve got a very special Evolutionary Conversation this week. Randy and Carmen are talking with Evolutionary Repo Man, Jim Pennington from Alabama Credit Union. Listen in to this very special interview — it might just change your perspective. Podcast Transcript (Music Background) Carmen: Welcome to Evolutionary’s Podcast. I’m Carmen Voillequé. Randy: I’m Randy Harrington. Carmen: And… [Continue Reading]

Smart Objects, Electric Kayaks & The View From The Cloud: A Look at the Future With Mike Foley

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen interview legendary Evolutionary Mike Foley. You might remember that Mike Foley was the President of Bluetooth SIG (and one of the Evolutionaries interviewed in the book), now he’s out conquering the world, spreading Evolutionary wisdom. Podcast Transcript (Music Background) Carmen:  Welcome to Evolutionary’s Podcast. I’m Carmen Voillequé…. [Continue Reading]