Why Brenda Chapman is One Brave Evolutionary!

A few weeks ago I went with my husband and our ten year old daughter to see the Pixar film “Brave.” I enjoyed the movie and afterward we went to grab a bite to eat and debrief the movie – a family tradition. My daughter started by naming her favorite character – Merida, of course…. [Continue Reading]

Saving Oregon's Children

For 35 years, Oregon’s Legislative Assembly has championed the needs of Oregon’s children with a visionary commitment to knitting back together a fractured and fragmented service delivery system.  This commitment has evolved over the decades to include a myriad of agencies and state-funded non-profits dedicated to specific stages of the child development services continuum –… [Continue Reading]

Richard Lariviere: Sitting Duck A Classic Evolutionary Case Study

The sitting president of the University of Oregon saw something special in his campus and his community.  He was able to look at the university, not just for what it is today, but what it could be in the future. The potential of the campus is so amazing that it feels like an irresponsible waste… [Continue Reading]

Evolutionary Spotlight – Captain Steve Ahlberg

Captain Steve Ahlberg is a retired Navy SEAL, and led SEAL teams on three continents during his career. Anyone who has ever known a Navy SEAL knows that it is almost impossible to get them to tell you any stories! They keep their secrets well, and even simple information about how they are trained or… [Continue Reading]

Joe Time

Joe Brancucci is the CEO of GTE Federal Credit Union in West central Florida. Joe is an Evolutionary…big time. Joe came to GTE from BECU Credit Union in Seattle, Washington. When he took over the leadership position two years ago, the credit union was ailing from a perfect storm of investment and lending missteps that… [Continue Reading]

Can Human Resources be Evolutionary in the Grand Recession?

Recent economic realities have dramatically changed the conversations we have had with our Human Resources clients in the past few months.  Rather than inquiring about the latest recruitment methods or benefits strategies, our HR clients are asking us how to downsize with dignity. Downsizing, or “layoffs” are terms that strike fear into most employees and… [Continue Reading]