Simple, But Not Easy: The Story of GTE Financial’s Winning Culture

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen discuss how  GTE Financial is creating a great culture and producing outstanding results. If you want to try to change the culture of your organization, you have to change the language of your organization at all levels. GTE Financial was able to do it, and so can you…. [Continue Reading]

Naïve & Loving It! The Rise of Small Business In America

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen discuss the optimism machine in America today, the economic malaise, and all the negative news cycles. Yet, small businesses are the backbone of America. They’re talking about micro businesses, entrepreneurs, and how the recession has given people permission to be courageous. If you’re thinking of dipping your… [Continue Reading]

The “Basta” Edition: Enough’s Enough Already!

Welcome to the “Basta” Edition of the Evolutionaries Podcast! Don’t know what Basta! is? Better listen in so you know what not to talk about with Randy and Carmen any more. What do you say Basta to? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Ask the Authors: Why We Love…

Welcome to Ask the Authors. Today Carmen and Randy are talking about why they love _______________. If you’re interested in learning what kinds of things they love…books, television, games, shopping services, popcorn, water bottles, and shoes. What do you love?

The Newsroom: Why We Need Fiction to Tell The Truth

Listen in this week as Randy and Carmen discuss how fiction can help us to uncover proufound truths within our society and our business culture.

Ask the Authors: What Will Change Everything?

Businesses are adapting to customer demands, and now Universities are too (synchronous to asynchronous transactions). In the last 10 months, universities are seeing a surge of online demand for education. For the first time, Universities are seeing more people sign up for online classes than traditional classes, even by those students living on campus! In some cases,… [Continue Reading]

The Happiness Factor: A Special Interview with Chris Cook of Capiche

Welcome back Randy and Carmen! Listen in this week as they discuss “The Happiness Factor” with Chris Cook of Capiche. It turns out that we can create a happiness culture at work. What companies do you know that are happy? We want to hear about them, please share in the comments section. If your company… [Continue Reading]

Ask the Authors: The Press Tour

Well, it’s happened. Randy and Carmen are in such demand to make appearances in the media that they haven’t been able to record our regular Ask the Authors section. HOWEVER, they have been giving a number of top-notch interviews all over the USA. If you haven’t been able to catch some of them, be sure… [Continue Reading]