Evolutionary Spotlight – Captain Steve Ahlberg

Captain Steve Ahlberg is a retired Navy SEAL, and led SEAL teams on three continents during his career. Anyone who has ever known a Navy SEAL knows that it is almost impossible to get them to tell you any stories! They keep their secrets well, and even simple information about how they are trained or what kind of planning methods they use are held close to the chest. Over the years, Randy Harrington has had the pleasure of working closely with Captain Steve Ahlberg in his consulting work with CEOs and executives across the nation – and through this work they have developed a bond of friendship and mentorship that magnifies their Evolutionary potential.

But maybe the best part about being a friend of Captain Ahlberg is gaining exclusive access into the stories!  When we interviewed Steve for the book it was all business.  But in this phone conversation with Randy, things got… well… let’s just say, casual. Listen to these four interview segments – we guarantee you won’t hear these stories anywhere else!

About Captain Ahlberg: Captain Ahlberg entered active duty upon receiving a commission in 1972 and in June 1976 was assigned to SEAL Team ONE. Captain Ahlberg’s personal decorations include the Legion of Merit (2), Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal (2), Navy Commendation Medal (2), as well as numerous other awards and decorations. In addition to his leadership of Navy SEALS teams on three continents during his career, Captain Ahlberg also earned an MBA and a Master of Science Degree in Strategic Intelligence.

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