Latrice Fowler is an Evolutionary

I’m nominating Latrice Fowler owner and blogger on family-food blog Raising Chefs. Latrice is all about getting kids into the kitchen at an early age. Teaching them the importance of making healthy food choices while they’re young so those choices can be carried with them into their adult years. Raising Chefs teaches not only young… [Continue Reading]

Anne Murray Allen is an Evolutionary

Anne is a cutting edge force in leveraging our human-ness to inspire great performance via the “work of the work” – conversations and relationships within social networks where the work actually gets done. Adapted from Anne has spent her entire career pursuing the questions “How does work really get done?”, “How do people come… [Continue Reading]

Amber Case is an Evolutionary

Amber articulates the human connection to the technologies that inform us, and figures out ways for organizations to know more, faster, and across organizational barriers. As a TED speaker and keynoter for South by Southwest Interactive, Amber is already what the media might call a “thought leader.” However, what makes her so unique is that… [Continue Reading]

Diana Dykstra is an Evolutionary

Diana Dykstra is always (as in 24/7/365) questioning why things are the way they are–and how they can be made better. As the president of the California Credit Union League she is helping to guide an industry that is changing with incredible speed. And she couldn’t be happier. For Diana, everything is relevant, everything is… [Continue Reading]

Deena Pierott is an Evolutionary

Deena Pierott is the President of Mosaic Blueprint, a global executive search and job board specializing in diversity candidates. But she is so much more than that – she is an EVOLUTIONARY! She organizes panel discussions for women on issues around workplace interactions between women of color and caucasion women in the workplace, which I… [Continue Reading]