The “Queen Bee” is Misunderstood

Earlier this year the Wall Street Journal published an article essay titled “The Tyranny of the Queen Bee”  that claimed the “Queen Bee” syndrome, coined in the 1970s to explain women who reached leadership positions and then failed to mentor women lower in the ranks, is still alive and well today. The Queen Bee Syndrome… [Continue Reading]

Training’s Reputation Takes Another Blow

There’s a reason that Training organizations across that country have spent the last decade thinking of new names: Learning & Development, Corporate Education, Talent Development, Organizational Development, and the very popular “Coaching”. Really anything is better than “Training” – a term that carries with it a ton of negative associations from ineffectual, to a waste… [Continue Reading]

Tiny Living: It’s Evolutionary!

People are often amazed to learn that I live in a small condo in a downtown highrise with my family in Portland, OR. They just don’t see how a family can live in such a small space. I love to watch house hunting shows on HGTV (yes, I know they are often staged) and I… [Continue Reading]

Tell Your Story. My Tour of The Heathman Hotel

This month I had the opportunity to tour The Heathman Hotel in Portland, OR with General Manager Chris Erickson. The Heathman counts Conde Nast Readers Pick for 2013 World’s Best hotel as one of its many awards – quite a feat given it is a fairly small, local hotel without the big marketing budgets of… [Continue Reading]

Women In Leadership: What’s The Big Deal?

“Actually,” She Said, “He Works for Me.” That’s the title of an article by the CEO of Aureus Asset Management, Karen Firestone, in a recent Harvard Business Review posting. It’s just one of hundreds of articles, interviews, blogs and books that are popping right now on the topic of women in leadership. The role that… [Continue Reading]

Can Work Really Be A Game?

Long before Mary Poppins sang to us that “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun, you find the fun and Snap! The job’s a game!” we have believed that playing games makes work more fun. Lately the trend toward “gamification” in the workplace has exploded – with experts recommending… [Continue Reading]

The Courage to Lead Transformational Change

Perhaps the most important characteristic necessary to lead transformational change is courage. Without exception, each of the Evolutionary change agents we studied for our book Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership demonstrated great acts of courage during their careers. It’s easy to say, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” but it can be difficult to differentiate between courage and just… [Continue Reading]

What if Staff Planned Staff Appreciation Day?

Some call it “Training Day”, some call it “Employee Day”, some call it “Staff Appreciation Day”. But whatever you call it, if you work in Human Resources or Training and Development you are likely familiar with the common concept of devoting one full day each year to staff appreciation day. Sometimes the focus is on… [Continue Reading]